Gigi Marie is a singer-songwriter who started creating music at the age of 11. Originally from Syracuse, NY, Gigi has been called the Daughter of the Emerald City, and Daughter of the East Coast, making a home in south and northeast Florida, New York City, along with establishing a primary homebase in Washington, DC. 

By age 19, she was a regular performer at various music venues, such as Caffe Lena and other DIY music spots, throughout New York as solo artist on piano and vocals. 

Gigi is also the lead singer of the post punk New Jersey band Dead Flowers. Joining forces with inimitable guitarist Matthew Pavlichkco. Matthew encouraged Gigi to learn the electric guitar, which became a liberating force for her musical development and songwriting.

As a solo artist, Gigi takes great influence from the punk, rock, and pop music she grew up surrounded by. Also, in coming from a “theater family”, the influence of show tunes, film, art, and dramatic flair cannot be dismissed. One of her fondest memories is being told by friend-of-family, and uncle-like figure, musician George David Weiss, “You know, there are some people who won’t shut up and you wish they would… and then there are those people who don’t talk near enough as they should.” 

It was the wink George gave then 14 year-old Gigi that let her know it was ok to use her voice. Although she still feels more comfortable communicating through song. Gigi is a vocal supporter of the humanities and arts, especially in education. 

Since then, you can’t shut Gigi Marie up. Often participating, finding strength and camaraderie in the Independent and DIY music scene, Gigi forges her own path. Many people don’t understand the whirlwind of passion and artistry a solo act can exude until they see this torrent and tempest with pink hair and electric guitar. Taking over the stage as a one woman powerhouse, Gigi can’t be stopped. 

Gigi Marie won’t ever shut up, and she looks forward to screaming her songs soon at a venue near you.